Are you a feminist?

I have learned to be a feminist. After a certain age and life-experience, women realise that the hardships and the hindrances they have faced were not necessarily their shortcomings but rather persistent and structural barriers. That is the moment you become a feminist, whereby you also understand that competing against each other would only weaken our case. That’s why I have decided to recommend only women when I was asked for job referrals or references.

What was the biggest hurdle you have overcome on your career path so far?

The biggest hurdle I have been struggling with is the anxiety over the future and the next steps. Women tend to be in more precarious positions throughout their lifetime: part-time jobs, zero-hour contracts or short period employments. We do ‚accept‘ these conditions since we need more flexibility in aligning our work with our family responsibilities, especially when we have smaller children. Under these conditions you are always exposed to uncertainty about your prospects.

Which three characteristics help you to be successful?

We need to redefine what ’success‘ means fundamentally. Women’s ability to change, to adapt and to redefine themselves is of unique value, especially in the context of a continually transforming social-technological environment such as the media. I believe the three most important feature women should be proud of are: adaptability, capacity to learn and change, and responsiveness.

Which successful woman would you like to have lunch with and why?

Successful women usually don’t have time to go out for lunch. (laughs)

However, I would always be happy to have a cup of coffee with any women with whom I could honestly laugh about the struggles of the day.

Header © Monika Saulich